NZBGet 17.1-2 (All Platforms except R4Sparc)

I know, I’m late again, but here it is: NZBGet 17.1 for almost all ReadyNAS platforms. To make that happen on R4 (x86) and R5 (ARM) I also had to build and include parts of gcc 4.9.4 into the downloads, so don’t wonder about the dramatically increased download size on those platforms. Bad news for Sparc users is that as much as I tried at least for now I seem to be unable to build a working gcc 4.9 on the Sparc platform – and believe me, my UltraSparc used for building tried really hard to melt its way right through to the core of the earth in the process 😉 Anyway, here’s the latest stable release of NZBGet for all ReadyNAS platforms except Sparc R4 (sadly):

SABnzbd 1.2.0 (All ReadyNAS Platforms)

So here we are again with another SABnzbd update. This time I managed to build for all ReadyNAS platforms and without further ado those are the links to the add-ons:

OwnCloud 9.1.3 (All ReadyNAS Platforms)

New year, new ownCloud. Ok, the release of 9.1.3 was almost two weeks ago but I didn’t find the time to build and upload the version. But here it is now for all ReadyNAS platforms:

Syncthing 0.14.6 (all ReadyNAS platforms except R4Sparc)


Although the previous Synching add-ons should be able to automatically upgrade from within themselves I thought it might be time to update the add-ons nevertheless. As a result, here are the links to the Synching add-ons, updated to version 0.14.6:

SABnzbd 1.1.0 (all ReadyNAS platforms)


Another update I forgot to mention due too much work: SABnzbd has been released in version 1.1.0 and the corresponding add-ons for your ReadyNAS can be found here: