PHPMyAdmin 4.8.0 (ReadyNAS OS 6 ARM & x86)

I just updated the PHPMyAdmin app to the latest version 4.7.9. The update is available from the “My Account” page or from the following locations:

SABnzbd 2.3.2-3 (ReadyNAS OS 6 All Platforms)

I know, April fools day and all that. Still, I had to do an urgent update to the SABnzbd app for ReadyNAS OS 6. Due to blatant stupidity on my part the latest version at least in some cases wasn’t able to install unless an older version was already present on the NAS. This is fixed now, my apologies to everyone who ran into this problem. The fixed version is either available via the “My Account” page for those who already bought the app, all others get their copy here:

NZBGet 19.1 updated (ReadyNAS OS 6 x86 & ARM)

Due to a stupid bug of mine NZBGet 19.1 would stop working without reason. This is fixed now. New versions should be available under the “My Account” tab for registered users or otherwise under the following links:

Gitea 1.4.0 (ReadyNAS OS 6 x86 / ARM & RAIDiator 4 x86)

Gitea 1.4.0 has been released so I updated the apps/add-ons for ReadyNAS OS 6 (x86 & ARM) as well as the add-on for ReadyNAS systems still running RAIDiator 4:

Kernelmodules 6.9.3 (ReadyNAS OS 6 x86 & RN2xx ARM)

ReadyNAS OS 6.9.3 again comes with a new kernel – this time it is kernel 4.4.116 and this of course requires new kernel modules. I still stick to using the drivers included with that instead of building from the bleeding edge package.
Also available again are the kernel modules for the ARM based ReadyNAS models of the RN2xx series. They also use the modules from the stock kernel, no additional drivers from external sources.

So here are the links to the latest (and still free) kernel modules:

Since I can’t test all the different USB drivers included please accept my apologies if the driver for your hardware is included but doesn’t work. In that case please drop me a note and I’ll see what I can do.