Kernelmodules 6.9.2 (ReadyNAS OS 6 x86 & RN2xx ARM)

ReadyNAS OS 6.9.2 again comes with a new kernel – this time it is kernel 4.4.111 and this of course requires new kernel modules. I still stick to using the drivers included with that instead of building from the bleeding edge package.
Also available again are the kernel modules for the ARM based ReadyNAS models of the RN2xx series. They also use the modules from the stock kernel, no additional drivers from external sources.

So here are the links to the latest (and still free) kernel modules:

Since I can’t test all the different USB drivers included please accept my apologies if the driver for your hardware is included but doesn’t work. In that case please drop me a note and I’ll see what I can do.

TVHeadend 4.3-734 (ReadyNAS OS 6 x86 & ARM[RN2xx])

Since I built the kernel modules for ARM based ReadyNAS systems it was quite obvious to also try to build TVHeadend for that platform. As it turned out with some tweaking of the build process this was possible. So here’s a new version of TVheadend for x86 based ReadyNAS systems and a brand new version for ARM based RN2xx ReadyNAS boxes. Sorry, no version for ReadyNAS RN1xx models since I don’t have a system to build on.

ReadyNAS OS 6.7.5 Released (x86 & ARM)

The headline says it all: ReadyNAS OS 6.7.5 is released for x86 and ARM based systems. Besides the things mentioned in the release notes this version also fixes some problems people were having when installing OwnCloud and SABnzbd on the ReadyNAS systems running ReadyNAS OS 6.7.4. If your ReadyNAS doesn’t show the update to 6.7.5 as being available you can grab the archives on the following locations for manual upload to your ReadyNAS:

Update: As it turns out this version will fix all problems for x86 users but still won’t allow all ARM users to install SABnzbd successfully.